Our Kid Tigers Program is a custom-designed program
that helps children ages 4-5

  • Learn Discipline
  • Practice Focus and Concentration
  • Gain Confidence
  • Develop Social Skills
  • Practice Manners and Good Behavior
  • Stay Fit and Have Fun!

Kid Tigers is a fun and exciting way to introduce young children to the basics of martial arts. Separate from our regular children’s program, the Kid Tiger program provides a year round extra-curricular activity that the child can depend on for stability throughout his or her ever changing year. Weekly classes help prepare the child for school, build self-confidence, and provide a place for the child to run, play, and grow – all while having fun learning martial arts.
As soon as they can walk, talk and are potty trained, they can take Karate. At this stage they are just learning about their bodies and testing their boundaries.

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