Striking (Ta Kyeok Gi)

Striking in Gongkwon Yusul utilizes all parts of the body and includes: punching, empty-hand striking, elbows and knees. As you would expect with a Korean martial art, it also incorporates a wide variety of kicking techniques drawn from both Korean and non-Korean sources.

Throwing and Takedowns (Mae Chi Gi)

Includes throws using the hip, waist, legs, shoulders and upper body. Also encompassing a wide range of sweeps, reaps and tackles. Takedowns are taught from standing, sparring and kneeling applications.

Standing grappling techniques (Sul Gi)

This includes grappling both with and without the gi/dobok. Includes joint locks (Matdeygi) using any of the major joints such as the wrist, shoulder, elbow, ankle and knee. It also uses muscle locks, chokes and strangles.

Ground grappling techniques (Wasul)

The integration of groundwork skills is important in Gongkwon Yusul comprising around 30% of the total system. As mentioned above it includes: joint-locks, chokes and strangles, positioning and pinning as well as strikes while on the ground.

Partner drills (Mat Dae Ki)

Mat Dae Ki (back of the hand partner drills), is the commencing distance in GKYS sparring. You commence by touching the back of your partners hand and perform various sets of techniques ranging from hand striking, leg striking, throwing and joint locks.


Samwonbon encompasses much more than just basic repetition of techniques. In Samwonbon individuals apply the techniques of Gongkwon Yusul in a semi-cooperative fashion in order to develop an understanding of the principles behind Gongkwon Yusul. A single Samwonbon sequence may include the full range of techniques (striking, takedown, locking and or ground work) within the flow of the sequence. Samwonbon may be instigated from sparring, kneeling or grappling positions.

Sparring application (Dae Ryon Bon)

This may include pre arranged partner work as well as free flow sparring. Sparring is conducted in one of 4 formats:
Stand-up free sparing (no takedowns)
Stand up with takedowns (no head punching)
Groundwork only with no striking
Light contact-utilizing head-gear which allows kicking and hand strikes, takedowns and groundwork with striking.

Weapons (Mu Gi Sul)

At higher Black Belt Degree (Dan) levels, training is undertaken in both traditional and non-traditional weapons.