Gongkwon Yusul is a modern Korean martial art, founded in 1996. Master Jun Kang developed this system based on his extensive experience and analysis of martial arts.
“Gongkwon” means “empty weaponless) fist”, “Yusul” translates as “gentle art”. The “empty fist” stands for all techniques like punches, kicks etc. The “gentle art” designates throws, locks or grappling techniques which aim to redirect the opponent’s force against him. This entails that Gongkwon Yusul incorporates all aspects of unarmed fighting: distance and close combat as well as grappling. One of the key features of this holistic system is the organic and dynamic combination of various techniques.

Gongkwon Yusul is an art dedicated to developing practical real life application and self defense skills. It encompasses skills at all ranges, including punching, kicking, elbows, knees, throwing, takedowns, ground striking and grappling: all of which are intended to be applied in practical, free-flowing situations.
Gongkwon Yusul combines the effective, practical self-defense techniques often seen in sport focused “mixed martial arts” (MMA), while maintaining traditional philosophies such as respect for others, personal development and combative (non-sporting) techniques.

Developed by Master Kang Jun, Gongkwon Yusul is the next generation of Korean martial arts, and traditional martial arts in general.

Developed over the course of decades, Gongkwon Yusul blends elements of Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu and Kyutooki (Korean kickboxing) into a new, refined art that is broad in it’s philosophy and application of technique.

Now Gongkwon Yusul is widely practiced in China, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and finally USA!!!

Gongkwon Yusul is the one of fastest growing martial arts in the world.

Join us. Be the first generation.