YUSUL is the Korean pronunciation of Jiu-jitsu. It has both modern and traditional skills developed by Korean militaries on the battlefield and law enforcement agencies through countless hours of experience.

It is the perfect combination of the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Combat Ju-jitsu and Judo. These techniques and concepts from a specialized type of self-defense which is considered to be one of the best self-defense systems available today.

YUSUL encompasses realistic techniques designed to work against the most probable scenarios in a self-defense situation. It also includes the most important techniques designed to build a proper foundation in Jiu-Jitsu.

YUSUL techniques include joint locks, throws, chokes, strikes, defense from stick, defense from knife and gun attacks, ground fighting, and more. It is the perfect 1st step for the beginner or those who are interested in MMA / Sports Jiu-Jitsu competition. Yusul allows the student to build a solid foundation in the basics the student can take that knowledge and apply it to any ruleset or situation that arises.

It’s also a great refresher for the experienced martial artist that wishes to focus on self-defense skills. Every class has the best combination of technical learning and fitness to get you in to fighting shape. A black belt instructor will bring your self-defense skills to the highest level possible.

If you are looking for a high-intensity workout that focuses on all aspects of fighting from stand-up to ground, YUSUL program is for you!

  • Combat Ju-jitsu
    Is the most efficient and street-effective martial art. It is a complete self-defense system based on the Samurai arts. Ju-jitsu is often used by military, police and security forces around the world as the martial art of choice and forms the basis for most “reality-based self-defense systems”.
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
    Is a critical component of developing skill in Jiu-jitsu. It focuses primarily on achieving victory by submissions and attaining dominant positions on the ground in the fight.
  • Judo
    Is the older and more widespread form of Jiu-jitsu sport fighting that focuses on delivering high impact throws, speedy submissions, and pins. It complements Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by emphasizing the standing clinch phase of combat.